Intel Select Solutions for AI Inferencing

Intel® Select Solutions for AI Inferencing

Accelerate artificial intelligence (AI) inferencing and deployment on an optimized, verified infrastructure based on industry-standard Intel® technology.

Businesses increasingly look to artificial intelligence (AI) to increase revenue, drive efficiencies, and innovate their offerings. In particular, AI use cases powered by deep learning (DL) generate some of the most powerful and useful insights; some of these use cases can enable advances across numerous industries, for example:

Image classification, which can be used for concept assignment like facial sentiment
Object detection, which is utilized by autonomous vehicles for localization of objects
Image segmentation, which provides the ability to outline organs in a patient’s magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
Natural language processing, which enables textual analysis or translation
Recommender systems, which can be used by online stores to predict customer preferences or suggest up-sell options

These use cases are only the beginning. As businesses incorporate AI into their operations, they discover new ways of applying AI. However, the business value of all AI use cases is dependent on how quickly answers can be inferenced from models trained by deep neural networks. The resources needed to support inferencing on DL models can be substantial, and they often require organizations to update their hardware to obtain the required performance and speed.

However, many customers want to extend their existing infrastructures rather than purchase new single-purpose hardware. The flexibility of the Intel® hardware architecture that your IT department is already familiar with can help protect your IT investments. Intel Select Solutions for AI Inferencing are “turnkey platforms” that provide pre-bundled, verified, and optimized solutions for low-latency, highthroughput inference performed on a CPU, not on a separate accelerator card.

Intel Select Solutions for AI Inferencing provide you with a jumpstart to deploying efficient AI inferencing algorithms on solutions built on validated Intel architecture so that you can innovate and go to market faster. To speed AI inferencing and time to market for applications built on AI, Intel Select Solutions for AI Inferencing combine several Intel and third-party software and hardware technologies.

The software used in Intel Select Solutions for AI Inferencing includes developer and management tools to aid AI inferencing in production environments.

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